Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions represents an Agreement between the company “Boom Cleaning Works (a CJK Group Pty Ltd.) and The Client. By placing an order either over the phone, fax, e-mail or website, customer has verbal or written agreement, and is bound to the company Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website.


1. 1.1. In these Terms of Business, the following definitions apply:

"The Company", "We", "Us" - “Boom Cleaning Works (a CJK Group Pty Ltd.) Cleaner" - means the person or firm carrying out cleaning services on behalf of the Company.

"You", "Customer" or "Client" - means a person, body or agent who is a beneficiary of the services being provided. A person or body acting as an agent is also deemed as clients.

"Service" - means the cleaning services carried out on behalf of the Company.

"Cleaning Visit" - means the visit to the Client's service address by the Cleaner in order to carry out the Service.

2. 1.2. The Headings contained in these Terms are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.


1. 2.1. The Company has built its business and reputation by providing its clients with the best possible cleaning service available. Still, the Company realizes that because its operatives are human beings, they sometimes make mistakes. For this reason, the Company offers you a guarantee. If the Client is not satisfied with the cleaning standard of certain areas after the cleaning, the Company's operatives will come back to the Client's premises and re-clean those areas free of charge.

2. 2.2. Our '100% Bond Back Guarantee" is valid for 7 days after completion including Saturday and Sunday. If the real estate agent or the landlord has any issues with the cleaning and by any reasons the work does not pass your satisfaction, the customer is required to lodge this within 5 days after the cleaning done.

3. 2.3. We will organize our cleaners to return to rectify issues without charge within 3 working days after receiving an email of the clear list with a clear picture of the concerned areas.

4. 2.4. Please understand that our service does not guarantee items which we had not done on the day of cleaning and only covers items mentioned on tax invoice as per customer requirement.

5. 2.5. No guarantee for the dust settled from the time we clean to the time of inspection; an empty house can accumulate dust very quickly. We also do not guarantee anything being dirtied from an open home. The company or its authorized agents, agrees to perform the work specified in professional manner using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results.

6. 2.6. The professional cleaners are limited in attaining the best result in some cases due to the condition and nature of cleaning required for specific items using the standard method of cleaning.

7. 2.7. Under our service guarantee, we send our cleaners back to fix the issues. It does not include any refund.

8. 2.8. We are not responsible for any existing damage to the customer's property that is not able to be cleaned or repaired by our technicians using standard methods of practice.

9. 2.9. We will do our best to make sure your appliances are cleaned to a high standard. However, if they have not been cleaned since they were purchased regrettably we will not be liable for ingrained dirt that cannot be removed using chemicals.

10. 2.10. At the time of pre-clean inspection for the unfurnished properties, its client responsibility to notify us about any goods and belongings left in the property as we are not responsible for loses of them.


1. 3.1. For quotes provided without inspections over the phone is the quotes is only an 'estimate price' based on the information available at the time. The basis of this estimate is an 'average room sizes in a property left in a reasonable state of cleanliness'. (Per room up to 3.0 by 3.0, hallway up to 3 meters). It may vary on initial inspection on the day of cleaning.

2. 3.2. The quotation is subject to change for the following reasons: state of property not as expected; the customer's original requirement is altered; variations of the condition or size. Any of these reasons constitutes the booking to be altered by mechanisms of: re-scheduling; cancellation, at the discretion of our company. Any additional services added on the day of cleaning

3. 3.3 We have very good records on price accuracy when we provide quote over the phone or email; it rarely changes. Though some properties in very bad condition may require extra cleaning time. So extra charges may apply in the following conditions -

1. a) Homes that are not regularly cleaned or have been neglected may well require additional hours;

2. b) Properties that have had pets, small children and have had vigorous wear and tear may also incur extra costs;

3. c) Additional travel charges for collection and returning of keys;

4. d) Time wasted due to difficulties accessing the property

5. e) Requirement to carry heavy equipment to higher apartments / floors;

6. f) Houses containing a second kitchen such as a granny flat will incur additional costs which must be agreed upon before starting the job;

7. g) Large sized dwellings with five (5) or more bedrooms; more than three (3) bathrooms; multiple living areas and levels will need an individual quote based on the extensive work done.

4. 3.4. The quotation may change if the property conditions are different to those described or the customer's original requirements are altered, or booking can be re-scheduled or cancelled if the property is not as described either in condition or size, or if unexpected circumstances occur.

5. 3.5. End of Lease / Move out cleaning excludes the following items which may be conducted for an agreed 'extra' cost. (a) Washing walls (b) Windows and window sills from outside (c) Washing or wiping of blinds or curtains (d) White goods cleaning (e.g. fridge, washing machine) (e) Upholstery cleaning (f) Mould and Ceiling(s) (g) Grout cleaning (floor) (h) Garage cleaning (i) Rubbish removal (j) Balcony washing sweeping (k) High pressure cleaning


1. 4.1. Our standard steam carpet cleaning will remove dirt, grime and dust from everyday foot traffic and most clear liquid spills. Extra charges may apply to heavily soiled carpets.

2. 4.2. Our best effort will be made to clean the carpets, but the result will vary from carpet to carpet, and the result will be dependent on a number of factors beyond the control of quality cleaning and that we give no guarantee as to the actual result of the service.

3. 4.3. Any wear or discoloring of fabric or surfaces becoming more visible once dirt has been removed. Some stains that are deemed permanent may not respond satisfactorily to any treatment. For this reason, we do not guarantee removal of permanent stains.

4. 4.4. We advise not to walk or place any furniture on the carpet that is not 100 % dry and shall not be liable for any damage this may cause.

5. 4.5. For stain and spot removal on carpets, the nature of some spots or stains marks is impossible to restore original color or texture. At times a spot and stain will appear to be even more visible after a general cleaning of a material. Spotting and stain removal work on rust, liquor, cosmetic, ink, coffee, lipstick and the like is performed at customer risk because removal of some spot and stains is not guarantee due to different factors, Considering nature of material, type of stain and age of stain or spot. Carpeting in nature has certain permanent characterizes such as fluffing, blooming, pile shading, color fading, browning, shredding on high trafficking area, pressing of pile which cannot be cleaned or fixed with carpet cleaning.


1. 5.1. This is customer's responsibility to make sure electricity and hot water is connected as per as our requirement for cleaning. We cannot guarantee 100% results if it's not provided as hot water and electricity is must to clean items such as oven, range hood, carpets, floors, bathrooms shower tiles etc. Customer should provide parking or pay for parking charge if required.

2. 5.2. For unfurnished properties - This is customer's responsibility to make property empty as per as our requirement for cleaning. Moving of furniture or items is not included and must be moved by customer prior to booking. Property needs to be empty if not furnished on the day of cleaning or will incur additional costs as it takes more time in cleaning or delays our staff from starting a job. If items are not removed, then we will do cleaning around them and cannot guarantee100% results.

3. 5.3. For furnished properties - For bond cleaning of fully furnished properties wiping of furniture and appliances e.g. coffee table, microwave, fridge etc., is not included and can be done at additional cost. The service excludes cleaning of kitchenware (e.g. cutlery) and linens (e.g. bed sheets).

4. 5.4. For the properties which have not been cleaned on a regular basis then it is not possible to achieve 100% cleaning results and it may incur extra costs.


1. 6.1. The client agreed to make the same day of our service. Payments can be made before or while our staff are at the premises only or we will hold the keys until payment has been settled.

2. 6.2. Payment may be made by cash or via card over the phone (with credit card only) (2% surcharge on credit card, visa or Master Card only). Payment must be settled 40 minutes before our service is done if customer will not be returning to property. Payment should be pre arranged.

3. 6.3. We will email you the Tax Invoice once the payment is done.

4. 6.4. Late payment fee of $10 applies for the first month. Interest will be charged at the fixed rate of 10% per annum on each day that any amount remains outstanding thereafter.

7. GST

1. 7.1. All prices and quotations are expressed to be GST exclusive amounts. The Company charges GST at the current rate of 10% on the actual amount of the job.


1. 8.1. In order to provide a professional service and to avoid any business disruption caused by no-shows, and short notice cancellations; the minimum cancellation notice period is 48 hours. If for any valid reason you require the booking to be adjusted, please contact us as soon as possible to determine the most suitable accommodation.

2. 8.2. No charges for the rescheduling at least 48 hours before. Conditions for failure to meet notification periods are listed below:

1. a) When customer fails to provide 48-hour cancellation notice period, the Customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $40;

2. b) In the event that customer does not appear or does not provide unencumbered access to the premises for Our company representative on the day of the service, the customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $80 for administrative and travel costs that is equivalent to our minimum call out fee;

3. c) If the property is not ready for the cleaning at the service time including tenant still in the process of moving, the customer agrees to pay $40 per hour, per representative of disruption caused or waiting, If the customer cancel for the same day he agrees to pay a fee of $80 for administrative and travel costs that is equivalent to our minimum call out fee.


The Customer and the company acknowledge and accept that this Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Victoria and both agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria in the event of any dispute.


The content of this Agreement is protected by international copyright laws and may be used for personal reference only. Subject to applicable law, permission to copy, alter, reproduce, publish, transmit and/or otherwise distribute this content is forbidden without first obtaining the prior written permission from the company.